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Ann-Pia Azizuddin
Ann-Pia Azizuddin
I live and have a studio in Gothenburg. While paining with ink is a new experience for me, it is something that I currently enjoy very much.
During the years I have, to a large extent used acrylic colour and mixed media techniques.
I would describe my paintings as a mixture of what I see and an experience of inner reflection.
I usually get inspiration from different outside
environments such as nature or historical buildings.

Studio Godhem,Godhemsgatan 60,41468 Gothenburg
Membership KRO/The national organization for Swedish Artists. SvK.
KC- vast/The centre of artists - in West Sweden.
The club of Gothenburg Artists/Göteborgs konstnärsklubb
ISA/International Society of Artists, Artists for World and Peace Harmony.

1979-80 Hovedskous Fine Art School in Gothenburg
2008 Examination International Project Coordinator, IPK 4 , Comprising 40 AVET points Sensus and the University of Gothenburg.

Solo exhibition
2018 July River City Gallery Gothenburg
2017 November Tofta Artgallery Varberg Sweden
2015 July Gallery Artifact New York USA
2011Nov.Gallery Cosmopolitan,Gothenburg Sweden
2011 August Art Center, Old City Stockholm Sweden
2010 August, Art Center, Old City Stockholm, Sweden
2005 Art Center Varbergs Hospital,Sweden
2003 Mars-April Aurodhan Art Gallery Pondicherry India
1998 Art Center ,Dals Långed Sweden
1992 Gallery Art & Form Uddevalla Sweden
1989 Art Center Skärhamn Tjörn Sweden
1988 Art Center Blå Stället and Frölunda Art Center Sweden.
Group exhibition:
2022 May ArtBox Expo Venice 1.0 Italy
2022 April Faux Pas Artround in Majorna Gothenburg Sweden
2021 Illumination Gallery KC Gothenburg Sweden
2021 December Mikro Gallery Uddenberg Gothenburg
2021 Medlemsutställning KKV Bohuslän Hamburgsund Sweden
2021 Maj Vårsalongen Gallery Majnabbe Gothenburg
2020 December Gallery Collezionista Rome Italy
2020 Mikro Gallery Uddenberg Gothenburg Sweden
2020 september Konstrundan i Majorna Galleri Majnabbe Göteborg
2020 september Artquake 3,Gallery Tan Evi Kultur Avlusu Artspace, Istanbul Turkey
2020 augusti Galleri Stenhallen Borgholm
2020 august Artbox project 2.0 Swiss Art Expo Zurich
2020 Juni-Augusti Medlemsutställning KKV Bohuslän
2019 Symbols & Metaphors at Yukung Museum South Korea
2019 Art & Science Museum Milano Italy
2019 May Women Essence show,Pavilion of Bangladesh 58th Venice Biennale Italy
2019 April Vårsalong Gallery Majnabbe Gothenburg Sweden
2018 December Micro Gallery Uddenberg Gothenburg Sweden
2018 May-September Water for life, Niagara Falls History Museum Ontario Canada
2018 March The Art Box Project New York 1.0 Armory Artweeks
2017 Micro Gallery Uddenberg Gothenburg Sweden
2017 December La Famiglia Gallery KC Gothenburg Sweden
2017 November Julsalong Gallery Majnabbe Gothenburg Sweden
2017 June The Artbox.Project Basel 1.0. The Artbox Gallery Zug Switzerland
2017 May-July Art in Residence, Rosso Cianabro Art Gallery Rome Italy
2017 April Art Round Red Stone Art Center Gothenburg Sweden
2017 March Art Arena Collection New York
2016 December Jaipur Art Summit Jaipur India
2016 October The Artbox.Project Miami 1.0. The Artbox Gallery Zug Switzerland
2016 October , Carrousel du Louvre, Louvre Expo -Art Shopping Louvre ,Paris, France
2016 October ( Biancoscuro Art Contest) Art Fair Parma Italy
2016 September, We Contemporary, MUSA International, Spivakovska Art Ego Cultural Center Kiev, Ukraine
2016 April Bienalle Cannes Grand Prix Des Art Visuels
2016 Mars Arte Cremona och Art Fair Vernice Italy
2016 Mars Jubelee of Mercy Palace of the Chanchellery Vatican,Rome , Italy
2016 Fevruary Gallery Collezionista Rome Italy
2015 December International art event "Progress Climate Change" United Nation Building ,New York
2015 October Art Factory Venice Italy
2015 September Marco Polo Prize Venice Italy
2015 April Art Center Röda Sten Gothenburg Sweden
2015 April Gallery Majnabbe Gothenburg Sweden
2015 April Art-Expo Manhattan New York Usa
2014 Dec. Spectrum/Art Fair Miami USA
2014 Oct.La Grande Exposition Universelle Eiffel Tower Paris France
2014 and 2013 Dec. Mikro Gallery Uddenberg Gothenburg
2013 Dec. Dom Gallery KC, Gothenburg
2013 Sept. Intercontinental Mail Art Exhibition United Nations: Water. Cultures .U.N building New York 2013
2013 July Mail Art Active Aging National Museum of Unification in Alba Iulia Romania
2013 May Artists for freedom Ulm Germany
2013 April Florence Biennial ,Small Wonders Italy
2012 December Mega Group Show Chennai India
2012 November Intercontinental Biennial of small Graphics Aiud Romania
2012 September Art and Flamenco Gallery Cosmopolitan Gothenburg Sweden
2012 April Art round in Majorna ,open studios
2012 ,2013 and 2014 April Gallery Majnabbe Gothenburg Sweden
2011 Dec. Art Auction Kiev Ukraine
2011 Nov.Gallery Cosmopolitan Gothenburg Sweden
2011 Nov. Art Auction Great Vision Gothenburg and Stockholm May 2013 Sweden
2011 Nov 1-10 Art Line International Art project Aluschta Ukraine.
2011 Nov-Jan. 2011-2012 Midwinter in the forest, Bohus Museum ,Uddevalla,Sweden
2012 Nov-Dec. 2011 Gallery Art On, Kungsbacka
2011 April Röda Sten, Art Center Gothenburg, Sweden
2011 Marchs Art Expo Istanbul , International Art Center, Uskudar, Istanbul, Turkey
2010-11 Dec-Fevr. Gallery Lessedra International Art Competition Sofia ,Bulgaria
2010 Gallery Majnabbe ,Gothenburg ,Sweden
2009 Dec.Stockholm ,organized by European Institute Berlin and U.N
Art and Social Action Against Human Trafficking
2009 May, Art Line,” Palett of Freedom” International Art Project Yalta Ukraine
2009 and 2013 April Röda Sten Art Center Gothenburg Sweden
2009 April, Gallery Majnabbe Gothenburg Sweden
2009 Mars, Art Line “ Palett of Freedom”International Art Project Vienna Austria
2008 November, Art Line,”Palett of Freedom International Art Project, Kiev Ukraine
2008 September-October Temple knight`s order Gothenburg Sweden
2008 April Gallery Majnabbe Gothenburg Sweden
2006-7 Dec.-Jan. Bohussalongen Uddevalla Museum, Sweden, Juryman Håkan Wettre
2007-8 Dec.-Jan.Bohussalongen, Uddevalla Museum, Sweden, Juryman Monika Larsen Dennis
2006-7 Gallery KC, Gothenburg Sweden
2006-7 Gallery,Gothenburg Artists Association Sweden
2004-5 December -January Gallery Flamingo Falkenberg Sweden
2003 January Art Camp Pondicherry South Section/ Lalit Kala Academy India
2003 Marchs Art Camp Jamshedpur, Tata Steel India
2002 Gallery Majnabbe Gothenburg Sweden
2001,04,05,06,09,11,13,14(Open Studios) Röda Sten Art Center Gothenburg Sweden
1999 Väsby Art Center, Upplands Väsby Sweden
1998 Op. 100 in collaboration with Gothenburg Art Museum Sweden
1997 Nemes Art Center Mölnycke Sweden.
2012 Sept Flamencoshow 10 artists, paintings, drawings photos and sculptures Gallery Cosmopolitan, Gothenburg Sweden
2011 Marchs Culture for peace and democracy, sponsored by culture in west, Gothenburg,Sweden organized by ISA and Culture for peace , Tunisia
2005-2006 I have worked in multi cultural project as Art/Poetry/Gothenburg Art Association ,Sweden
1999-2000 Art/Music, World Music Euriadne, Music House Gothenburg Sweden
1997-1998 Växtverk, Cultivation/Art, Frölunda Culture House ,Sweden 1994-1995 Project as Art in Water, Gallery Maneten Gothenburg Sweden.