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Mounir Ben AmmarMounir Ben Ammar
Mounir Ben Ammar was born and raised in Tunisia where the Mediterranean light, the sound and smell of the sea and the crowds of people in the cities are ingredients of daily life. He won his first price and began solo exhibiting at the age of sixteen. Studied science and mathematics but never really stopped painting. Exhibited from time to time in Tunisia, France and Sweden. Moved first to France to study mathematics and to see, experience and learn more about art. Then to Sweden to settle down in Stockholm where he lives, teaches mathematics and paints. With more than 35 years of experience in painting mostly as an oil painter, it seems like Mounir finally has found the medium that fits him and his needs and offers him a real challenge to develop his art at his own pace.

About his watercolour journey he says: I find something special and common about three things I love: Watercolour painting, Argentine tango and jazz music. All three require a great deal of solid knowledge of basic technique and at the same time they can´t be done without being bold and free to improvise. You must be free but still respect the medium every second of the creation!!! It is a kind of surrender and controle game that doesn´t end! … Ofcourse there´s rythm and flow too and it seems like you are forever an amateur in dealing with these art forms.You can´t ask for more - can you!? What a joy!

Ben Ammar´s work can be found all over Europe in countries such as; France, Belgien, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Finland, Sweden and in Morocco and Tunisia.