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Maud WirströmMaud Wirström
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Spiritual art. Art infused with light, energy and communication. Quirky, magical and mystic.

You find often angels, magical signs, mysterious guardians, Pyramids, legends and archetypes, The Secret Energycode Language TSEL- that I started to channel/write in the end of the ’80s. The LIGHT/ my lightchannel Is my base/foundation.

When I paint I do it in a flow state, time disappears and I just AM.
Though it is often a struggle before I start. Like a birth process. And when I finally come through the struggle, the flow starts.

The images speak to the silence within you if you let them. What they communicates to you is deeply personal and unique to you.
So if you feel drawn to an image/painting, be still, have patience and let it talk to you. You may be surprised.

Thank you for stopping by and giving them some time.
I experiment and use a lot of different tools in my art. Photographs, acrylic paint,ink board, canvas, wood, paper, textile, fine art prints, photoshop, ipad, iphone, different apps, colormedias, I use whatever I have in hand at the moment. And I love it, gives me a sense of freedom.


Maud’s art work captures the essence of the visionary experience; expansive, evocative and filled with an ideal balance of both light and dark - the nature of one’s inner life and the nature of reality itself. When I was looking for cover art for “The Shaman’s Heart II”, I was immediately drawn to Maud’s “Gathering” series and knew that this was the one! It is a wonderful expression of shamanic ritual and visionary experience.
- Byron Metcalf, Award-winning recording artist & shamanic practitioner

Your works are what i call the real art, the choice and the harmony of colors are all awesome my friend..when the word comes to the themes that you have painted i am speechless because they are all filtrated from a higher soul and a sufi i was so effected with all your works...i wish your success will continue to grow grow and grow,and enlighten the fantastic precious friend..
- Caner Jeweler von Royals

"...the energy in the classroom from all Maud's paintings with Channeled art that has been in place all the days have been ... awesome ...!"
-Anders Wallin, Inner Power Centre

"There is an epic sense of iconographical grandeur to your work, Maud that makes one feel they are in the presence of something holy - which they are."
-C Matt Foley

"För mig symboliserar tavlan att jag är ett med Världsalltet och att jag innehar en egen, inre gudomlighet."
-M. Högsander

"Your images reveal a heightened sense of personal style that is both proactive and mysterious...."
-Agora Gallery, New York

Maude, what exquisite work you do. I love this painting of yours and hangs on my wall with loving energy. Thank you for the work you do!! You are truely a gift to humanity!! ♥
- A.Gelinas


Odilon Redon, Gustave Moreau, Hilma af Klint, Carl Kylberg, Nicholas Roerich and
Kazimir Malevich.



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Private persons and companies in Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, Great Britain , Australia, USA, Canada and Bahrain.

Svenska Konstnärer SvK , Swedish Artists
Svenska Konstnärsförbundet SK, Swedish Artist Association

1988-94 Div kortkurser samt privata studier i textil, kroki och målning.
1990-91 Vävning och Textil på Handarbetets Vänner, Djurgården, Stockholm
1997-98 Mediautbildning, 1 år Solna Komvux, Stockholm
2000-01 Multimediaproducent på MKFC , Stockholm
2001-2002 Desktop Video,15hp KTH-Syd, Stockholm.
Until 2020 different online short classes in different styles and topics. The learning never ends.

◊InnerPower Centre, Järna, Stockholm during 2015

◊InnerPower Centre, Järna, Stockholm during 2014

◊InnerPower Centre, Järna, Stockholm during 2013
◊ Showing one of my Digitalprints at Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France (Museum of the Americas) oct 2013
◊Showing one of my Digitalprints at Spectrum Miami International Artfair (Museum of the Americas) dec 2013

◊InnerPower Centre, Järna, Stockholm during 2012
◊Stockholms Konstsalong, Hagaparken, Stockholm
◊"Monoprint International Istanbul 2012" at Apeiron Art Plus Gallery in Istanbul, Museum of the Americas, Turkey
◊"Dallas small art award 2012", Dallas Texas USA (Museum of the Americas)
◊ "The Art of Instagram" at LACDA (Los Angeles center for Digital Art) July 12-August 4, 2012
◊"Contemporary Swedish Art" in London, United Kingdom
The Gallery In Cork Street, 28 Cork Street, London
I will show Modern Icons.
Galleri 40 is arranging the exhibition.

◊Konst i Kungsträdgården, 10 +11 september 2011
◊Inner Power Center, Järna , Sweden during 2011
◊The Sketchbook Project - Art House Co-op Brooklyn Art Library, New York, USA.

◊Rapsbollen - Konstrundan 2007 Skåne, Sweden

◊"In Celebration of Mary", ST Mary´s University, San Antonio/ Texas, USA
◊LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art) "Snap to Grid"; Los Angeles, USA
◊Let the muses speak online exhibition - Artists against war, Israel

◊Visual AIDS Benefit "Postcards From the Edge"
at Robert Miller Gallery, New York, USA
◊LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art) "Snap to Grid", Los Angeles, USA
◊North Water Street Gallery , Kent,Ohio , USA

◊Agora Gallery, Soho/New York, USA

◊"Prevailing Human Spirit exhibition" Museum of American Illustration, New York
◊Springexhibition, Sundbybergs Museum ,Stockholm
◊Galleri K Hjulstaskolan, Stockholm
◊Galleri Hagström, Stockholm
◊Art-e-mail, MAC21 contemporary art fair, Marbella, Spain

◊Springexhibition, Sundbybergs Museum, Stockholm
◊Galleri Hagström, Stockholm

Inner reflections, visionary art, Sundbybergs library
Galleri Vadeau, Stockholm

Inner reflections, Årjängs Konsthall, Årjängs kommun

Optimus art salon III, Väsby Konsthall
Summerexhibition, Galleri C M Bellman, Stockholm
Artexhibition, Täby Centrum

"Create room for mankind"-Lars Kollberg/The Artpaper, The Church Fair, Sollentuna Fair, Stockholm
Peace in Mind, Sollentuna Fair, Stockholm

Galleri Ljusgården,Linköping;Sweden
Artfestival, Tyresö centrum

"A meditation room project"-Lars Kollberg/The Artpaper, The Church Fair, Sollentuna Fair, Stockholm
Springexhibition, Trappan Vällingby
Artexhibition, Stockholm Water Festival
Galleri Ljusgården, Linköping, Sweden
Designtorget, Stockholm
Artfestival, Gallerian,Stockholm

Artexhibition, Stockholm Water Festival
Springexhibition, Trappan Vällingby
Galleri Ådal, Järna
Summerexhibition, Bygdegården i Gryt, Sweden
Gallery Studio5, Stockholm

Artexhibition, Stockholm Water Festival