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Gunilla Löfgren  
2013-01-29 18:41:39 Resa och utställningar
Manhattan Arts Artists
Det här tycker jag är roligt och delar gärna med mig.
Det är en konstnär Bobbi Mastrangelo som skrivit i sin blog;

Bobbi Mastrangelo and Manhattan Arts Artists

Manhattan Arts International Online Gallery features thirty-five artists who have met high standards of excellence in their style and medium. My page on the On line Gallery contains six of my “Water Works” theme with a focus on conservation and protection of this precious resource.

Bobbi Mastrangelo: The Square Route of Water 21″ x 21″ x 4″

Believe it or not, the green blobs are melted gum which unfortunately one often finds on sidewalks and streets. ”The Square Route of Water” is based on a side walk scene in Riverhead, Long Island NY near The East End Arts Council.

If I could select three of the Manhattan Arts Artists to participate in a joint exhibition I would choose the following three because of their subject matter or textural art: Mary Lou Dauray, Gunilla Lofgren and Maya Malioutina.

Mary Lou Dauray: ”Ice Reflecting” watercolor, 14-1/4″ x 10-1/2″

Can’t you just feel the chill while viewing Mary Lou Daury’s Icelanic Scene? She and I share concerns about our waters and environmental protection.

Mary Lou Dauray painted the watercolor shown here after visiting Iceland in 2008. While she was there, the artist felt the intense raw natural beauty of that land and breathed its fabulously clean air. Inspired, she returned home and painted, in oil and watercolor, a unique and original Icelandic series.

During this creative process, the worrisome realities of melting ice, pollution, and global warming began to affect the direction of all her artwork. Learn more about her art here:

Gunilla Löfgren: Scenery III
metal leaf, pigment, tempera, and metal thread 9.4″ x 9.4″

Don’t you just love the crusty texture! Textures were what drew me into the realm of sculpture relief art. Entering Gunilla’s art means “discovering an artistic world in which spirit, soul, subconscious and mystery are her guides.” She creates abstract, figurative, symbolic and esoteric compositions that rise from her heart to find their own path.

Several years ago Gunilla discovered the principles of Vedic Art, inspired by Indian philosophy. “Vedic Art is a very joyful way to approach painting. Artists free themselves from the technical and practical aspect. They discover new possibilities aimed at deeply exploring their creativity.”

Maya Malioutina: X-Roads-White on Grey
mixed media on board, 40″ x 30″ x 2″

Maya and I share some common subjects, but her exposure to the cultures and environments of countries such as Italy, Greece, Russia and Germany warms my heart. My art is on the Russian Web site “Sewers of the World Unite.”

Her work is informed by the close-up discoveries of walls, corners and sidewalks. They represent the hidden mystery and biographies that lie behind and within these textured surfaces.” Maya creates her art in the style of ‘pintura matérica’, in which non artistic materials are incorporated into the paintings.

She brings intuitive form and resonant poetry to her work with integrity and intensity. With degrees in both English and Russian Literature her art reflects both those interests and her mythopoetic heritage.


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