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Eva AckingEva Acking
Född i Stockholm 1943
medlem i BUS
Mobil : 0730 97 86 03

" Min bildvärld är alltid nonfigurativ och varierar mellan det mycket fria koloristiska och det rumsligt geometriska. Parapsykiska och esoteriska erfarenheter har aktiverat mitt metafysiska intresse och många av mina arbeten är metamorfoser av dessa erfarenheter."

Deltagit i grupp och samlingsutställningar i Sverige, Danmark, Norge, Finland, Tyskland, Belgien, Spanien, Californien .
Har deltagit i många juybedömnda utställningar.

1963-1964 Kunstgewerbeschule, Zürich.
1964-1965 Konstfackskolan, Stockholm
1966 Art Decorative, Nice
1966-1968 Ecole Superieure des Beaux- Arts,Paris.

Offentliga uppdrag: Johnson-, Malmros och AB Norstjernasrederier. Hotell Malmen, Stockholm.PK Banken, Malmö.
Representerad: Ett flertal kommuner och Landsting , ett flertal gods och slott i Skåne,Lomma församlingshem, Apoteket i Ystad,Ystads konstmuseum, Kristiansads länsmuseum.Hecho i Spanien, m.fl.

Biographies Eva Acking Artist
Eva Acking has worked with sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, film ( the film about Champion Jack Dupree "Feelings and Situations" together with Laurie Grundt and Champion Jack Dupree, and short films together with Laurie Grundt among other "Rosen" as shown at short film festivals), and poetry (book” Bortom” )and horses, dressage riding.

Eva Acking, the Swedish sculptress and painting artist, was born in Stockholm in 1943. Her entrance into art is due to an occasion and as a compromise to her father, who was an architect. She wanted to stay abroad as au pair for a couple of years, which he did not allow. Later when in Zürich there was a test for young foreign art students, Eva was successful at the test, which qualified her to attend to classes at the Kunstgewerbe Schule in Zürich.

Her meeting with the pieces of art by the British sculptor Henry Moore was of great inspiration to her, and that made her decide to be a sculptress. She studied sculpting in Stockholm, Nice and Paris - and then she decided NOT to be a professional artist but to continue painting as a hobby. That decision released her from too heavy demands upon performance and intelligent classification of her works of art. After that she painted more and more, and since 1973 she is working full time as an artist.

For a long period of time she was also a riding instructor, and she has competed successfully in dressage. Training and working with the horses in dressage is to her very similar to sculpturing and painting - using all your capabilities, feelings, intellect, intuition and physics. Only when working with the horses you also have to communicate with another and balance yourself to work in harmony with it in order to achieve an optimum result. The difference is that when painting you are supposed to cross the limits, and in dressage you are supposed to reach the maximum within the limits given, but in both of them you aim to reach a maximum of expression and harmony.

In Eva’s family one can find several artists in music from her mother’s side. Music has also been a part of Eva Acking’s creations. The composer and pianist Michael J. Smith has composed special music to her kür dressage program with her horses as well as for some of her paintings. Since 1978 Michael has performed live with his own especially composed music at four of her exhibition openings. In 2004, at her most recent exhibition in Landskrona, Sweden, Michael J. Smith performed with a concert written for the occasion.
Also the Danish musician Kim Menzer gave a special concert with music composed by him for her works of art at the same exhibition.

Music as well as poetry has taken a great part of Eva’s life also in other ways. Several years ago she met “Champion Jack Dupree”, the boxing champion that later became one of the greatest in American blues. She was his “road manager”, driving his car for about 130 miles a day on his tours through all Europe and Scandinavia. Some years later he moved to Sweden to live with Eva. He died in 1992, but before that he set music to and performed with some of her lyrical works.

Jack and Eva and the Norwegian artist Laurie Grundt made a film together, called “Feelings and Situations”, about Jack, his life and inspirations.

Today Eva lives in a farmhouse in St. Kopinge, a small community in southern Sweden, where she also has her studio. She paints and sculpts. She had an Out of Body Experience (OBE) in 1971, which she expresses in her art through describing the contemporaneous presence of two different dimensions; the material and the conscience.
By working with light instead of perspective her geometric shapes represent different dimensions in the paintings. When sculpturing she is working in aluminium or bronze. Her sculptures are all created as models that can be enlarged for official purposes.

During the later years Eva has been travelling with her cameras to Mexico, Tobago, Trinidad, Colorado, Oklahoma, Morocco, Gambia, Senegal, Cap Verde, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Egypt, Norway, Finland, Greece, Canary islands, Denmark and Spain.
Working with photos gives Eva a lot of pleasure and new creative possibilities of expressions.

Har varit medlem i KRO, ÖSKG, Octaviagruppen(1979-92) och "Konkret konstruktuvism i Skåne".
1974 Prisbelönt förslag vid Trygg-Hansas utsmyckningstävling

1973 Höganäs bibliotek
1973 Åkerlund och Rausing Lund
1975 Galleri Alba Ronneby,
1975 Galleri Signaturen Kristianstad
1976 Galleri Blågården Kåseberga
1976 Galleri Bunte Kuh Konstans Tyskland
1977Galleri Muren Hässlholm
1977 Galleri Prisma Stockholm
1977 Galleri Villa Hässleholm
1978 Söderslätts Konstförening Trelleborg
1978 Ystads Konstmuseum Ystad
1978 Krognoshuset Lund
1978 Stadshuset Landskrona
1979 Gallri Signaturen Åhus
1981 Galleri Möller Malmö
1981 Lilla Galleriet Höganäs
1981 Galleri Oscar Stockholm
1982 Galleri Konstnärscentrum Malmö
1982 Galleri Octavia Köpingebro
1982 Galleri Brantevik Brantevik
1982 Galleri Tio Lund
1982 Galleri Ram In Hässleholm
1983 Åkerlund och Rausing Lund
1983 Galleri Oscar Stockholm
1984 Galleri Konsekvens Helsingborg
1984 Galleri Wapnö Halmstad
1984 Galleri Exhibit Göteborg
1985 Galleri Olab Göteborg
1985 Skånes Konstförening Malmö
1986 Tomelilla Konsthall Tomelilla
1986 Tegma Konstförening Malmö
1987 Ronneby Konstförening Ronneby
1987 Farmacia Konstförening Malmö
1987 Christinehof Slott Brösarp
1987 Kulturnämnden Biblioteket Båstad
1991 Galleri Blå Gärsnäs
1991 Karlkrona Konstförening Karlskrona
1992 Ystads Konstmuseum Ystad
1993 Kulturhuset Pantbanken Malmö
1993 Samhalls Konstförening Malmö
1993 Sydsvenskan Malmö
1993 Sydkrafts Konstförening Malmö
1993 Svävarterminalen SAS Malmö
1993 Carta Malmö
1994 Galleri Ängeln Lund
1994 Borgstugan Trollenäs
1994 Ronneby Kulturcentrum Ronneby
1994 Skånemejeriet Malmö
1998 Galleri Tilde Ystad
1998 Sydsvenskan Malmö
1998 Galleri Classico Lund
1998 Brödern Edstrand Malmö
1998 Ferring Malmö
2004 Landskrona Konsthall Landskrona
2006 Lomma Konstförening Lomma
2007 Sjöbo Konsthall Sjöbo
2007 Skurups Bibliotek Skurup.
2008 Galleri Valfisken Simrishamns konsthall
2008 Medborgarhuset i Eslöv
2013 Skeppet i Simrishamn
2014 ÖSKG konstrunda
2014 Lomma Ekbacken 939