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Mats AnderssonMats Andersson
My paintings represent a personal language created through the use of color, texture, composition, and action.  By pushing, scraping, dripping, using different tools and materials, and throwing the paint I create a visual history of my own response to these complex elements.  It is an active process, intermingling various elements and materials into one final composition. I love to go “over the edge” to explore new possibility’s and expressions, to surprise myself and the viewer.  
As I paint I forever seek the balance between negative/positive, light/dark, thin/thick.  I use great sweeping gestures against calm breathing spaces.  The splatter, gesture, and stroke is sometimes planned and sometimes a result of the intuitive process when I work and the outcome is how it will affect the final result of the painting.  I find the harmony of contradictory visual ideas, both beautiful and exciting.             

For me the intuitive painting process has become a visual equivalent of meditation.  I let the paint act as my medium. The titles have been invented as a part of this process and are also a part of the final result. 

Mats have gained international attention and have exhibited in New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, Florence, Piza, London, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Norway. Represented by collectors in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Spain, USA and France.

Målarskola Helsingborg. Fyra terminer.
Pelle Wadströmer Akvarellutbildning
Harry Oxenblå Abstrakt konst och Spontanmåleri

Project 2015 - 2017
Voynich project 2014 - 2016. International Art Tour in Europe, based on The Voynich manuscript.

Represented by:
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom – Stockholm
Höganäs kommun via inköp 2015
Åstrops kommun via inköp 2017

Solo exhibitions
2009 - 2022
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom, Stockholm 2022
Galleri Oxenblå, Höganäs, 2020
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom, Stockholm 2020
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom, Stockholm 2019
Skånes universitetssjukhus i Malmö 2019
Galleri Studio MA, konstrundan
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom, Stockholm 2018
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom, Stockholm
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom, Stockholm
Åstorps kommuns konsthall
Galleri4U, Malmö
Konsthallen Åstorps kommun
Galleri Lohme, Malmö
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom
Galleri Hamnen, Viken
Slice of life Gallery, Malmö
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom, Stockholm
Galleri Englesson, Cerberus Malmö
Galleri Tegelbruket, Rydebäck
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom, Stockholm
Vellinge kommunhus
Galleri Annexet, Sölvesborg
Galleri Bruket, Rydebäck
Helsingborgs konserthus
Bubbleprojevts Hilton, Park Lane / London
Scand Art Gallery, Falsterbo Stranbad
Galleri Crona, Mörbylånga
Bubbleprojekts Hilton, Amsterdam
ScandArt Gallery, Höllvikens konsthall
Bubbleprojects Hilton, Köpenhamn
Galleri Jäger & Jansson, Scen 2
Galleri Hultman
Galleri Svea, Stockholm
Galleri Hamnen, Viken
Galleri Kompass, Stockholm

Group exhibitions
2009 – 2022
Qatar International Art Festival 2022
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom, Sommarutställning 2022
M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milano - Coming Out 2021
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom, Stockholm 2021
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom, Stockholm 2020
Smygehus konferensanläggning juli-aug -19
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom, sommarutställning -19
Kunstmarked med Helsingörs konstförening, Helsingör
Affordable ART konstmässa 11-15 oktober, Stockholm
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom, Stockholm 11-15 oktober.
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom, Kulturnatten Stockholm
Galleri Hamnen, Jusalong
ART Nordic Köpenhamn
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom sommarsutställning
Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom, Kulturnatten Stockholm
Galleria Mentana, Florence, Italy
Voynich project 2014 - 2015. International Art Tour in Europa and USA, based on The Voynich manuscript. (Projektmedverkan).
ART Miami i Miami, med Studio26 Gallery New York
Merlino Bottega d'Arte, Florens (Firenze) Italien
Voynich project 2014 - 2015. International Art Tour in Europa and USA, based on The Voynich manuscript.
Galleri Ekvall + Törnblom, Kulturnatten, Stockholm
Galeria360 / Florence, Italien
Edsvik konsthall, Höstsalong Jury
Galleri Green, Malmö
Höllvikens konsthall, Julsalong
Toscana International at Giorgio Kienerk Museum, FAUGLIA (PISA), Italy
Luftkastellet konstmässa i Limhamn, 2013 (Inbjuden av Höllvikens konsthall)
Gallery Marzia Frozen, Berlin
Höllvikens konsthall, Sommarutställning
ScandArt Gallery, Höllvikens konsthall, julsalong
Galleri Jäger och Jansson, sommarsalong
Luftkastellet konstmässa i Limhamn, 2012 höst (Inbjuden av Höllvikens konsthall)
Luftkastellet konstmässa i Limhamn, 2012 vår (Inbjuden av Höllvikens konsthall)
Galleri Crona, Mörbylånga, Kulturnatten
Galleri Crona, Mörbylånga
Galleri Hamnen, Julsalong
AGORA Gallery / New York

Jury exhibition
Edsvik konsthall Höstsalong 2017
Romele konsthall Jury salong 2015
Romele konsthall Jury salong 2014
Edsvik konsthall Höstsalong 2013. Antagen med 3st verk
Skånes konstförening, Höstsalong 2011
Romele konsthall salong 2011. Utsedd till bästa konstnär.
Romele konsthall, sommarsalong 2008