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Bo Lundwall
Bo Lundwall was born in Hultsfred, Småland, Sweden in 1953.

After many years of having a studio in Vallentuna on the outskirts of Stockholm, he has returned to his homeland.

Hultsfred Manor is in the beautiful countryside and serves as his home, studio and gallery.

Bo Lundwall attended the Skåne Art School in Malmö and the Anders Beckman School in Stockholm. His media consists of oils, watercolours and lithographies. Scandinavia´s changing seasons and natural surroundings continually inspire him.

His recent trip to Africa has stirred his passion even more and has led to his growth of understanding many subjects in the ultimate wild.

He has had many commissions with businesses and private individuals, which continue to appreciate his diverse talents. The impressive list of one-man exhibitions speaks for itself as well as numerous joint exhibitions both in Sweden and abroad.

Bo´s innate bond with nature ultimately allows the viewer a glimpse at being at peace with whatever subject he chooses and its natural surroundungs.

His detailed paintings will be familiar to many from the books he has illustrated over the years. They include "Trolls, their natural habit, lives and legends" and "Hunting and game in Scandinavia". His skills are also reflected in some of Sweden´s most attractive stamps depicting wildlife. He has contributed to the "Birds in Art" exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in the USA, and was selected to contribute to "The Best of Wildlife Art". He has also been represented in Christie´s Wildlife Art auction in London.

Special Achievements:
American Swedish Institut, Minneapolis, USA, 2006
Culture Award, The Regional Council in Kalmar County, 2004
Culture Award, The Municipality of Hultsfred, 2004.
National Board of Forestry/WWF,
Five Bird Posters, 2002
"Birds in Art", 1998, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, USA

"Birds in Art", 1991, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, USA

"Birds in Art", 1988, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, USA

"Birds in Art", 1989, World Traveling show.

Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, USA

Cinncinnati Museum of Natural History, Ohio, USA

The High Desert Museum, Oregon, USA

"Birds in Art", 1999, World Traveling show.

Museum of the Southwest Midland, Texas, USA

Lindsay Wildlife Museum, Walnut Creek, California, USA.

Delaware Museum of Natural History Wilmington, Delaware USA.

Christie´s Wildlife Art Auction, 1997, London, England.

Sweden Postal Stamps, Four original for Wildlife Animal Stamps. 1996.

Sweden Postal Stamps, Three Original for Wildlife Animal

Stamps, 1993.

First Prize "Nordia 95" Sweden Postal Stamps, Class;

"Stamp designers and engravers".

ICA Publishing firm, 1991, Four limited numbered lithographic prints.


HSB Farsta Strand, 1997.

Three Original paintings for Public Art.

LFV Group Swedish Airports and Air Navigation Services, 1997

Two Original paintings.

House of Forest, 1992, Skansen, Stockholm.


Meeting with Artists, 2002, Raster Publishers, Sweden.

In Sweden chosen for inclusion in book on contemporary artists.

Author Cilla Jahn.

Wildlife Art, 1999, Rockport Publishers, USA.

Red fox at the Village,

The book presents work of 124 artists from around the globe.

Author Alan Singer.

Room for beaty, 1998, HSB Publishers, Sweden.

HSB 75 - anniversary.

Selected to contribute with a painting Goosander, oilpainting.

Author Cilla Jahn.

The Best of Wildlife Art, 1997, North Light Books, USA

Selected to contribute with a painting Tawny Owl, oilpainting.

Author Rachel Rubin Wolf.

Trolls their life, country and legend, 1984, Bonnier Publishers.

A book about Trolls.

Bo Lundwall has illustrated the picture for the book.

Author Jan-Öjvind Swahn.

Organization Membership:

Worldwide Nature Artists Group WNAG, USA.

Nordic Wildlife Art NWA, Sweden.

Konst i Kalmar Län, Art in Kalmar County, Sweden

Kultur1, Sweden


Atelje Bo Lundwall, Konst och Kulturrunda i Hultsfreds kommun 2017
Tyringe konstförening 2017, Tyringe
Skördefesten 2017, Drottning Victorias Vilohem, Borgholm
Åkerholms säteri 2017
Öland Spirar 2017,  Drottning Victorias Vilohem, Borgholm
Ölands Museum Himmelsberga, Vårsalongen 2017
Atelje Bo Lundwall, Ateljeutställning - Upptäckardagen 2017, Hultsfred
Tjustbygdens Konstförening, Gamleby, 2017
Atelje Bo Lundwall, Ateljeutställning, Höst i Hultsfred, 2016
Galleri Hultman, Åstorp, 2016
Multeum, Strängnäs, 2016
Atelje Bo Lundwall, Ateljeutställning, Hultsfred, 2016
Tetra Pak, konstförening, Lund, 2015
Galleri Skarpans, Mariehamn, Åland, 2015
Eriksberg, Trensum, 2015
Oskarshamns konsthall, 2015
Atelje Bo Lundwall, Ateljeutställning, Upptäckardagen 2015, Hultsfred
Kisa Bibliotek, Kisa 2015
Virserums Konsthall, Smålands kulturfestival, 2014
Eriksberg, Trensum, 2014
Galleri Svanen, Tysslingen, 2014
Atelje Bo Lundwall, Hultsfred, 2014
Art Nordic Exhibitions, Köpenhamn, 2014
Smurfit Kappa AB konstförening, Nybro 2014
Skäggetorp bibliotek, Linköping 2014
Sjöbo Konsthall, Sjöbo 2013
Posten Åland, Mariehamn, Åland 2013
Atelje Bo Lundwall, Hultsfred 2013
Tingsryds konstförening, Tingsryd 2013
Galleri Fiskhuset, Nyköping, 2013
Galleri Hultman, Åstorp, 2012
SKB konstförening, Oskarshamns, 2012
Atelje Bo Lundwall, Hultsfred, 2012
Källströmsgården konstförening, Påskallavik, 2012
Galleri Holmby, Flyinge, 2012
Falsterbo konsthall, Falsterbo, 2011
Atelje Bo Lundwall, Hultsfred, 2011
Galleri Holmby, Flyinge, 2011
Atelje Bo Lundwall, Hultsfred, 2010
Eriksberg, Trensum, 2010
Galleri Hultman, Åstorp, 2009
Österbybruk - Bruno Liljefors stiftelse, Österbybruk, 2009
Tullgarns Slott, Trosa, 2008
Kolmårdens Naturgalleri, Kolmården, 2007
Galleri Håkan Fingal, Södertälje 2007
Galleri Holmby, Flyinge 2007
American Swedish Institut, Minneapolis, USA, 2006
Galleri Näset, Rådmansö, Stockholm 2006
Galleri Nykvarn, Enköping 2006
Galleri Z, Odensbacken 2006
Galleri Näset, Rådmansö, Stockholm 2005
Galleri Z, Odensbacken 2005
Galleri Nykvarn, Enköping 2005
Galleri Z   Odensbacken 2004 
Falsterbo konsthall, Falsterbo  2004 
Galleri Under Lönnen Ungstorp, Vimmerby 2004 
Nortuna Wildlife art Västerås 2004 
Galleri Nykvarn, Enköping 2004 
Nortuna Wildlife art, Västerås 2003 
Galleri Holmby 2003 
Galleri Nykvarn, Enköping 2003 
Art Fair Sollentuna  2003 
Virserum konstförening, Virserum  2002 
Kulbackens Museum Västervik   2002 
Naturhistoriska riksmuseet,  Stockholm 2002 
Tullgarns slott 2002 
Falsterbo konsthall, Falsterbo 2002 
Galleri Linne, Sala Silvergruva  2002 
Galleri under Lönnen, Ungstorp, Vimmerby 2002 
Oskarshamn Art Museum, Oskarshamn 2002 
Art Fair Sollentuna 2002 
Emmaboda konstförening, Emmaboda 2001 
Falsterbo konsthall, Falsterbo 2001 
Hargs bruk 2001, Östhammar
Galleri Nykvarn, Enköping 2001 
Galleri Linne, Sala Silvergruva 2001 
Galleri under Lönnen, Ungstorp, Vimmerby 2001 
Vetlanda konstförening, Vetlanda 2000 
Mönsterås konstförening, Mönsterås 2000 
Galleri Kopparslagaren Hultsfred 2000 
Hargs bruk 2000, Östhammar
Galleri Nykvarn, Enköping 2000 
Galleri Linne, Sala Silvergruva 2000 
Galleri Håkan Fingal, Södertälje 2000 
Eisenstadt, Österike 1999 
Virserum konstförening, Virserum 1999  
Galleri Linne, Sala 1999 
Galleri Nykvarn, Enköping 1999 
Birds in Art, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, The tour, USA  1999 
Galleri Holmby, Flyinge  1998  
Skogsstyrelsen, Jönköping  1998   
Galleri Linne, Sala Silvergruva  1998 
Öster-Malma slott, Svenska Jägarförbundet, Björnlunda  1998 
Birds in Art, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, USA  1998 
Himmelsberga Museum, Öland  1998 
Modo konstförening, Silverdalen  1998 
Galleri Linné, Uppsala  1998 
Bosjökloster, Höör  1997 
Öster-Malma slott, Svenska Jägarförbundet, Björnlunda  1997 
Atlas Copcos konstförening, Stockholm, Nacka  1997 
Galleri Linne, Sala Silvergruva  1997 
Galleri Holmby, Flyinge  1997 
Galleri Linné, Uppsala  1996 
Galleri 101, Malmö  1996 
Artists from Hultsfred in Poland  1996 
Galleri Linne, Sala Silvergruva  1996 
Skansen, Nordic Wildlife Art, Stockholm  1996 
Årsta-Enskede konstförening, Årsta  1995 
Stadshusets konstförening, Stockholm  1995 
Vallentuna konstförening,  1995 
Stockholm Art Fair, Sollentuna mässan  1995 
Älvsbyns konstförening, Älvsbyn  1995 
Pripps konstförening, Solna, Stockholm  1995 
Atlas Copco konstförening, Nacka, Stockholm  1994 
Galleri EOS, Stockholm  1994 
Galleri Bruce, Kungsbacka  1993 
Konstgården, Vårgårda  1993 
Börstorps slott, Västergötland  1993 
Owls in Art, Nacka  1993 
Tåkern Naturum, Östergötland  1993 
Galleri 101, Malmö  1992 
Swedish American Museum of Chicago, USA  1992 
Galleri Linné, Sala Silvergruva  1992 
Hultsfreds konstförening, Hultsfred  1992 
Naturgallerian, Kolmården 1991 
Konstgården, Vårgårda  1991
Tidö slott, Våtmarker, Västerås  1991 
Birds in Art, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, USA  1991 
Vallentuna Konstförening 1991 
Strandgalleriet, Stockholm  1991 
Stora museum, Falun, Ugglor i konsten, 1990 
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Easton Waterfowl Festival, Maryland, USA  1989 
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Birds in Art, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, USA 1988 
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Atlas Copcos konstförening, Nacka, Stockholm 1984 
Galleri Merkur, Stockholm 1980 
Malmö Museum, Malmö  1973 
Sydosten, Kalmar Konstmuseum, 1973