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Göran NilssonGöran Nilsson
My oil paintings radiate calm and harmony. I'm fascinated by nature's simple motifs and its lighting and how this can then be transformed into a painting.

The sea, the rocks, the beach and the sky. These are all important ingredients to describe Skåne's nature. We can feel proud and happy to boast such beautiful scenery in Sweden.
As an artist, I have really realized the greatness and power of these places.
With my art, I want to create calm and convey harmony.

I grew up and live in Skälderviken, this is where I get my inspiration and find my motives. My artistry began in the late 1970s.
My style can be described as something between Expressionism and Naturalistism. I always want to continue developing my painting technique. With brushes and sponges, I constantly look for new challenges.

Commented on Göran Nilsson's art:
"The painting Heaven by the Swedish artist Göran Nilsson improves our imagination through the endless possibilities of reading the abstract forms of clouds. More than representing a trivial image, the work refers to the vision into a special place where fantasy and daydream flows.
In the general context, we can easily recognize the scene, but if we deviate a little more from the screen, it is possible to better understand how the artist mastered to provide forms of naturalness and softness in space. "

- José Roberto Moreira, Curator.

Jury-rated exhibitions:
Romelegårdens Sommarsalong 2010

Romelegårdens Salong 2011

Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. Jury-rated group exhibition 2014

Art Expo New York. Jury-rated group exhibition 2015

Konstgillet Mittskåne. Autumn salon 2016.

Konstgillet Mittskåne. Autumn salon 2017.

Höstsalong 2018 Edsvik Konsthall

Solo exhibitions:
Gallery Björkvik in Ängelholm 2008

Sparbanken Gripen Art Hall in Ängelholm 2009

Gallery Björkvik in Ängelholm 2010

Havsbaden Ängelholm 2011

Havsbaden Ängelholm 2013

Ztrands Design Arts & Crafts 2013

Havsbaden Ängelholm 2014

Havsbaden Ängelholm 2015

Havsbaden Ängelholm 2016

Konstrundan MIttSkåne 2017.

Havsbaden Ängelholm 2017

Havsbaden Ängelholm 2018

Colorida Art Gallery Lissabon 2018

Konstrundan Mittskåne 2019

Group exhibitions:
Romelegård Autumn Salon 2009

Art in the city of Helsingborg Art Association 2011

Art in the city of Helsingborg Art Society 2012

Gallery Cinnamoni Helsingborg 2013

Art-nordic Copenhagen 2014

Texas 2015

The Mural for the Peace. Art DUBAI Art week
Alliance Francaise of DUBAI 2015

Old Town Hall in Ängelholm 2015

"Sports is no art at Idrottens Hus" in Helsingborg.

Spring 2016 in Romele Konsthall

Luftkastellet 2016 Malmö / Limhamn

Anniversary Exhibition Konsthallen Fogdaröd 2017

ArtNordic 2017 Lokomotivværkstedet, Copenhagen

Maria Thorlund - Ateljé & Galleri, Lund 2017

Gallery12A in Höganäs 2018

ArtNordic 2018 Lokomotivv

Sommarutställning/Kunstmarknad 2018 i Helsingör