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Pär StrömbergPär Strömberg
Born 1972 in Örebro, Sweden - Lives and works i Amsterdam, The Netherlands since1996. Currently teaching painting at Örebro College of Art, Sweden.

Content of my work:
My paintings have, since I arrived in Holland eleven years ago, developed into a registration of the landscapes of my native country Sweden, both physical and psychological. The presence of the landscape and the wild nature up there, is very impact. Something very relieving, as well as frightening and intimidating. The beauty and freedom it speaks about, has an ever so under laying threatening side. In my work I try to get closer to ideas of the landscape, to reveal the fears and threats of the ostensibly calm surfaces of it’s beauty. I’m influenced by photography and moving images and the human relation to nature.
In later work I have also been interested in occult rites, myths of the pagan heritage and folklore tales of the vast and dense landscape of the north. These stories and tales have helped form a collective memory of what our dreams and fantasies are made of.
This has been crucial for me in the way I look at an image and the seductive yet sinister portrayal of a landscape I want to share. The boarder line of beauty and beast is to be found in all my collected influences and it's something I'm definitely eager to be able to show in my work. I believe painting to be an extension of time. With metaphors, pagan stories and paraphrases from art history, my new paintings suggests not only the mystic ambivalance of dark vs light, like before, but also a clearer point towards a global environmental awerness of our surroundings. The ever struggle between good and evil, darkness and light, yin and yang continues.

But painting is not only storytelling. It is working with and executing specific ideas and emotions into layers of imagery. For some in thick twirls, brushstroke markings or color field makings, for me in thin layers of oil paint in an aquarelistique blending. Slowly I want my images to appear in a blur of shimmering lights and dark contradictive shadows, much like the boarder line of beauty and beast I mentioned above. The drive, or maybe force, that are ever so alive, is to put that next layer of paint on it's spot, to make an abstract form blend in and to evoke something recognisable, even realistic is crucial for me. It's an act of full concentration and I sometimes see it as a metaphor for the detective work conducted at a crime scene investigation. A slow but eager search for the right lead, with daring objectivities dig into the next option, to fill the gaps and to finally put the evidences in position for a key that might lead to a solution. Or maybe even as a magician working his rituals to gain control and strength, like an alchemist dealing with blend natural resources finally with the right touch end up in a golden result. I'm intrigued by the stories behind it all, but the essence for me is the act of painting and making it mine and for me to show it for and share with others.

Pär Strömberg

Official Collections:
Museum Het Domein, Sittard, (NL)
Océ Kunstbezit, Venlo (NL)
Loyens & Loeff, Amsterdam, (NL)
F. van Lanschot Bankiers, Rotterdam,(NL)
Leiden U.M.C. Kunststichting, Leiden, (NL)
Akzo-Nobel Art Foundation, Arnhem, (NL)
Caldic Collectie, Rotterdam, (NL)
Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam, (NL)
Aegon, Den Haag, (NL)
Orebro Läns Museum, Örebro (SE)
Örebro Kontrakt/Örebro Universitet, Örebro, (SE)
AB Kontorsrutin, Örebro, (SE)
Reflex Modern Art, Amsterdam, (NL)
HKM, Örebro, (SE)
Örebro Kommun, Örebro, (SE)
Örebro Läns Landsting, Örebro (SE)
Mätcenter, Örebro, (SE)
Orior Music AB, Göteborg, (SE)

Grants and Prizes:
2007 - Fonds B.K.V.B. - Werk Budget, Amsterdam (NL)
2007 - Koninklijke Schilders Prijs (Shortlisted), Gemeente Museum, Den Haag, (NL)
2006 - Koninklijke Schilders Prijs (Shortlisted), Gemeente Museum, Den Haag, (NL)
2005 - Örebro Läns Landstings Kultur Stipendie, municipal cultural award, Örebro (SE)
2005 - Koninklijke Schilders Prijs (Shortlisted), Gemeente Museum, Den Haag, (NL)
2004 - Koninklijke Schilders Prijs (Shortlisted), Dam Paleis, Amsterdam (NL)
2004 - KDR KunstRAI Prijs (Shortlisted) KunstRAI 2004, Amsterdam, (NL)
2004 - Fonds B.K.V.B - Basissubsidie, Amsterdam (NL)
2002 - Wim Izaks Schildersprijs (1st prize winner), Dordrecht, (NL)
2001 - Fonds B.K.V.B - Startstipendium, stipendium for starting artists, Amsterdam, (NL
2000 - Fonds B.K.V.B - Startstipendium, stipendium for starting artists, Amsterdam, (NL)

Year_07 Art Projects, London
Dreamland, Gist, Brummen
Oceanic Waves, Kaapeli Tehedas, Helsinki
Art Rotterdam 2006, Rotterdam
Wim Isakz, 10 Jaar - Dordrechts Museum
WE SHOW ART - 10 years SMBA, Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam
Proof of Principle - The Akzo Nobel Collection, Arnhem
Wim Izaks Schildersprijs - Dordrechts Museum
Ask The Dust - Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam
Art Twente - Hengelo
For Real - Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, Amsterdam
M.A.I.S. - Kulturbunker, Köln

2007 - Current painting teacher at Örebro College of Art, Örebro (S)
2007 - Curating "Set Foot" at Filmbase and "A Winter's night striving towards summer" at Lemonstreet Gallery for Abslout Swedish Festival in Dublin (IE)
2007 - Art directing AnnK+Fberg, fashion show/collection for Oslo Fashion Week, Oslo (N)
2006 - Guestlecturer, Gerrit Rietveld Akademie, Amsterdam (NL)
2006 - Guestlecturer, Örebro Konstskola, Örebro (SE)
2005 - Guestlecturer, Örebro Konstskola, Örebro (SE)
2005 - Admittance comission for Örebro Konstskola, Örebro (SE)
2004 - Guestlecturer, Örebro Konstskola, Örebro (SE)
2003 - Guestlecturer, Gerrit Rietveld Akademie, Amsterdam (NL)
2002 - Organizer of the Museum Nacht, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (NL)
2000 - Guestlecturer, Örebro Konstskola, Örebro (SE).

2011-2013 Grafik, Kungliga Konsthögskolan
1996-1999 Gerrit Rietveld Academie(B.F.A.), free media dep., Amsterdam, (NL)
1994-1996 Örebro College of Art, Painting, Örebro, (SE).

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Selected Soloshows:
Of Ice and Movement - an exhibition at Galleri Mejan in Stockholm 8-12 August.
2007 - Paint it Black, Catharina Kapel Kunstcentrum, Harderwijk, (NL)
2006 - Being There, Dubbelbee Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)
2006 - A Blaze In The Nordic Sky, Galleri Örsta, Örebro (SE)
2005 - Lucem Fearo - Vassa Eggen, Stockholm (SE)
2004 - Helvete, Loerakker Galerie, Amsterdam, (NL)
2004 - Walpurgis, Raid Projects, Los Angeles (USA)
2003 - Lucem Fero, WE, Stockholm, (SE)
2003 - Initium, Galleri Karlslund, Örebro (SE)
2003 - KunstRai, Loerakker Galerie på KunstRai-mässan, Amsterdam (NL)
2002 - Fellow Travellers, Loerakker Galerie, Amsterdam (NL)
2002 - All Other Desires Asleep, Konsthallen, Örebro (SE)
2002 - Ask The Dust, Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam (NL)

Selected Groupshows:

2007 - Koninklijke Schilders Prijs, Gemeente Museum, Den Haag, (NL)
2007 - Destroy Babylon, Sixspace at Year_07 Art Projects, London (UK)
2007 - 11 / 194 m2, ODEA Gallery, Stockholm (S)
2007 - Islands, Dubbelbee Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)
2007 - National Pride, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (NL)
2007 - FUCK, Bijlmer Amsterdam ZO (NL)
2007 - A Winter's Nights Striving Towards Summer, Lemonstreet Gallery, Dublin (IE)
2007 - Dreamland, Kunstvereniging, Diepenheim (NL)
2007 - Dreamland, Gist, Brummen (NL)
2006 - The Shape Of Things To Come, Galleri Jonas Kleerup, Stockholm, (S)
2006 - 'Selectie 06, Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Dordrecht, (NL)
2006 - Oceanic Waves, Holland & The Nordics, Kaapeli Tehdas, Helsinki, (SF)
2006 - Koninklijke Schilders Prijs, Gemeente Museum, Den Haag (NL)
2006 - Art Rotterdam, DubbelBee Gallery, Rotterdam (NL)
2005 - Fultjacks Blot 23, RAID Projects, Los Angeles (USA)
2005 - Small Wonders, Pharmaka Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)
2005 - Koninklijke Schilders Prijs, Gemeente Museum, Den Haag, (NL)
2005 - Art For Sail, Bagage Hal - Loods 6, Amsterdam (NL)
2005 - WERUS, Sommarklubben, Malmö (S)
2005 - Can't See The Forest, Sixspace Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)
2004 - Wim Izaksprijs - 10 jaar, Dordrechts Museum, (NL)
2004 - Koninklijke Schilders Prijs, Dam Paleis, Amsterdam (NL)
2004 - WE, Standard Hotel Downtown, Los Angeles (USA)
2004 - Aanwinsten 2003/een keuze, de Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam (NL)
2004 - KunstRai, Serieuze Zaken, Amsterdam (NL)
2003 - Absolut Empty - Galerie Buro Empty, Amsterdam, (NL)
2003 - Zweeds, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, (NL)
2003 - Nothing can be hidden forever - Galerie Seriuze Zaken, Amsterdam (NL)
2002 - Wim Izaks Painting Prize, Dordrechts Museum, Dordrecht (NL)
2002 - Biennal van de eenminuten, Centraal Museum, Utrecht (NL)
2001 - Centered, Loerakker Galerie, Amsterdam (NL)
2001 - Art Twente, Loerakkaer Galerie at Art-Twente - Hengelo, (NL)
2001 - Art-Rotterdam, Loerakker Galerie at Art-Rotterdam, (NL)
2000 - For Real, Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, Amsterdam (NL).