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Om konstnären

Aprill Wise Spendrup
Born in Yorkshire in England,( loves Yorkshire pudding).

Studied a B.Ed Honours Degree and Cert. Ed in Bristol and Bath. Art College Gerlesborgsskolan in Bohuslän, Fil kand in Art History, (Konstvetenskap), Stockholm in progess.

Paints in oil and considers herself to be a colourist in the spirit of Georg Suttner and Olle Kåks.

Lives and works in Stockholm creating paintings, working as an Interior Designer and Food Stylist/Journalist.

Loves all kinds of music, classical, Arvo Pärt, Radiohead, especially the Christopher O´Riley piano versions, Sigur Ros, Queen, the Beatles, Joni Mitchel. The music composed by her two sons, Sebastian and Oscar, singing in choirs and performing solos.

Most favourite designer of the most beautiful, hand made Italian bags ever, Francesca Correale.

Loves good wholesome, home grown simple food food, wine and beer. Has recently become a qualified sommelier.
Important activities are yoga and tennis.

Bath College of Design

Foundation Design/Ceramics

B.Ed.Hons Bristol University

Gerlesborgsskolan i Bohuslän

Fine Arts

Private tuition Olle Kåks.

2011 The Old Yellow Barn (Gula Ladan) Syd Koster
2010 The Old Yellow Barn (Gula Ladan) Syd Koster
2009 The Old Yellow Barn (Gula Ladan) Syd Koster
2009 Sydkoster Ekenäs Hotel. Special show during Kosterhavets National Park Inauguration
2008 Koster Kammarmusikfestivalskonstnärinna
2007 Gallery in the Green Syd Koster
2006 Kulturhuset Stockholm

2006 Gallery Hoffner/Caditma Cagnes-Sur-Mer

2005 Marbella Spain

2005 Gallery Hoffner Stockholm

2005 Koster Sweden

2004 Grünewaldvillan Saltsjöbaden Sweden

2004 Koster Sweden

2003 Koster Sweden

2002 Gallery Hagman Stockholm

1999 Salernes Provence

1998 Barsebäck Helsingborg

1994 Salernes Provence