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Manuela Vintilescu
Manuela Vintilescu

Född i Stockholm, Sverige 30 januari 1959.

Efter avslutad studentexamen vid Franska Skolan i Stockholm har jag studerat och sedemera arbetat med reklam,grafik, screentryck, dekorationsmåleri, muralmålningar och konstnärlig utsmyckning i offentliga miljöer i Frankrike,England och Sverige. Jag har de senaste 11 åren varit yrkesverksam konstnär med utställningar i Europa och Asien. Förutom att måla på linne duk så arbetar jag även med olika material inom grafik såsom silkscreen, litografier och carborundumtryck på papper, samt emalj och plexiglas. Numera arbetar jag även med digital formgivning.

In English:

MariaManuela Vintilescu, born in Stockholm, Sweden.

My first major art experience was at the age of 7, when visiting the gigantic and overwhelming sculpture "She" by Niki de St. Phalle at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, 1966.She has always been a great inspiration to me, as well as many other artists in different areas, that I met from all over the world.

I graduated from the French School in Stockholm. Then I studied public relations, graphics, silk screen and painting in France, England and Sweden.

For many years I worked within these different fields. In recent years I have focused my own work on mainly vinyl-paintings on canvas.These paintings are a combination of all my different experiences. I call them "Popicons", because there is always a person portrayed in a pop-art way.

Old woodcuts with motifs of women with amazing haristyles, red mouths and dressed in kimonos with beautiful patterns give me some of my inspiration. Now interpreted in my work, where I want to unite the modern woman and the modern expression with traditional form and composition. With the women in my paintings I want to convey Ultra femininity as well as the strong and courageous woman, breaking with old tradition and setting her own path.

In my paintings I often use motifs symbolizing the four different seasons, and some also have haiku-poems painted in calligraphy.

To continue the motive with pattern or flowers around the edges of the paintings, is to finish them completely and also a way to communicate thorough fullness and aesthetics. Something I apprehend as a common expression in Japan, in gift packages as well as in everyday objects. To make a surface seem printed or associated with Japanese lacquer, I paint with vinyl on canvas with thin colour in many layers.

I started to paint Popicons in 1998 and showed "Angels" in a group exhibition, that year, in Stockholm.

IN 1999 I started to paint paint Japanes Popicons, and the first painting was "Flower year", an installation of 12 pictures of girls, each with a different flower name and representative of the 4 seasons. This installation and some other Japanese Popicons were shown at the Stockholm Spring Show 2000 at Liljevalchs Museum.

My father, Jan Vintilescu was the first author to introduce Haiku poems in Sweden. In 1959 his interpretations in Swedish were published. I was always fascinated by the complexity and immediacy of these poems.

I´m happy to be able to use some of the material from my fathers interpretations, now put together in the "Flower Year" book with my paintings, published in September 2001, on the occasion of my first visit in Tokyo.

Efter avslutad studentexamen vid Franska Skolan i Stockholm har jag studerat och sedemera arbetat med reklam,grafik, screentryck, dekorationsmåleri, muralmålningar och konstnärlig utsmyckning i offentliga miljöer i Frankrike,England och Sverige.

Solo and group Exhibitions in Galleries and art centers in Europe and Asia.

2011: Edsvik Art Center,Stockholm March. Solo exhibition

Art Anglais, Stockholm. Febr.

Galerie Birch, Copenhagen, Denmark. Jan.

2010: 1021 Designcenter, Löderup,Sweden.July.

Galleri Bergström, Båstad,Sweden July.

Galerie Artima, Paris France. May.

Art Anglais Stockholm, Febr.

Galleri GKM;Malmö,Sweden,Jan.

2009: Berns Asiatiska rest. Stockholm Oct- jan 2010 Solo exhibition

Art Elysée Paris,France Oct.

1021 Designcenter Löderup/ Sweden.July

Galleri GKM,Malmö, Sweden,April. Solo exhibition

Vasa Konsthall, 5X POP, Göteborg,Sweden,Febr.

Galerie Jane Griffiths, 5XPOP, Val d’Isère,France, Jan.

2008: St’Art Strasbourg Art Fair,France,Nov.

Designcenter 1021,Österlen,Sweden,July.

Edsviks konsthall 5xPOP, Stockholm,Sweden March.

Galerie de Lee, 5xPOP,Seoul,South Korea, May.

2007: Strasbourg Art Fair, Strasbourg,France. Nov.

SOMA Museum, Seoul,South Corea, July,Les Nouveaux Pop

Galleri Bergström,Båstad,Sweden. July Les Nouveaux Pop

Galleri GKM Siewert Bergström, Malmö,Sweden, April.Les Nouvaeux Pop

Art Paris, Paris,France. March

Galerie Jane Griffiths, Val D’isére,France, Febr. Les Nouveaux Pop

2006: Starsbourg Art Fair, Strasbourg/France,Nov.Group exhibition

Karlshamns Konsthall,Karlshamn/Sweden,Nov.Group exhibition

Gallerihuset, Copenhagen/Denmark,Sept.Group exhibition

Art FAB, Women in Europe,St.Tropez/France, July Group exhibition

Gallery GKM Siewert Bergström,Malmö/Sweden, April

SelArt,Kvarnholmen/Sweden, March Group exhibition

Galerie Salvador,Paris/France, March Les NouveauX Pop exhibition

Villa Tamaris Centre d’art, Seyne-sur-Mer/France, March Les NouveauX Pop


Gallerihuset, Copenhagen/Denmark, Jan.Group exhibition

2005: SelArt, Kvarnholmen/Sweden,Oct Group exhibition

Art Bruxelles,Belgium. Art fair.

Galleri Kim Anstensen,Göteborg/Sweden. March Solo exhibition

Bukowski Charity Auction,Stockholm,Sweden

Stockholm Art Fair. Stockholm/Sweden.Art fair

2004: Galerie Salvador, Paris/ France. Dec. Solo exhibition

Spitz Gallery London/England. Nov. Group exhibition

Art Paris, Paris/France.Oct Art fair

Sel Art, Kvarnholmen Stockholm/Sweden. Oct.Solo exhibition

Galleri Eklund & Wallmark, Stockholm/Sweden Oct. Solo exhibition

Stockholm Art Fair 13-15 febr. Stockholmsmässan/ Galleri Jan Wallmark

2003: Gallery GKM Siewert Bergström. Malmö/Sweden. Dec. Group exhibition.

Gallery Fabien Fryns. Marbella/Spain. Oct. Group exhibition.

Gallery Agard & Tornwall. Stockholm/Sweden. Sept. Group exhibition.

Tokyo Art Factory. Tokyo/Japan.Aug. Group exhibition.

Gallery Jan Wallmark. Stockholm/Sweden. March. Solo exhibition.

Stockholm Art Fair.Galleri Jan Wallmark,Stockholm/Sweden. March.

2002: Gallery GKM Siewert Bergström. Malmö/ Sweden. June. Solo exhibition

Stockholm Art Fair.Galery Wolfsen Stockholm/Sweden. March.

2001: Swedish style in Tokyo at Las Chicas. Tokyo/Japan. Oct. Solo exhibition.

Gallery GKM Siewert Bergström. Malmö/ Sweden. May. Solo exhibition.

Stockholm Art Fair. Galleri Jan Wallmark,Stockholm/Sweden. March.

Art Herning. Herning/Denmark. March.

2000: Gallery Jan Wallmark.Stockholm/Sweden. Oct. Solo exhibition.

Art Copenhagen. Copenhagen/Denmark. Sept.

Gallery Wolfsen. Aalborg/Denamark. April. Group exhibition.

Stockholm Art Fair.Bidlet Auctionhouse,Stockholm/Sweden. March.

Liljevalchs Springshow. Stockholm/Sweden. Jan.-March.

1998: “Angels in the Center”. Medborgarplatsen.Stockholm/Sweden. Dec. Group


1989-97:Decorative painter, murals and furnitures.

Shop window decorater. Stockholm/Sweden.

1986-89: Employed at Alvar Björkstad Decorative paintings and Gamla Sverige fine arts.


1985: AD-assistant at Söderberg & Alm advertising agency. Stockholm/Sweden.

1981: Silkscreen printing in Atelier Furet. St.Tropez/ France.

1977-79: Ecole superieure des Arts Modernes, publicity and graphics. Paris/ France.

1977: Graduate from the French School. Stockholm/Sweden.