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John Anders EklundJohn Anders Eklund
Född 1947 Djur- och naturmålare från Djurmo i Dalarna som målar i olja, akvarell och pastell. Har ett förflutet som karikatyrtecknare innan djur- och naturmåleriet tog överhand i mitten på 90-talet.


John Anders Eklund (born. 1947) is an artist and photographer from Dalarna. The inspiration is the Nordic nature and the animals that live there as well as trips to Africa and Asia.

He calls himself a picture fan who can never get enough. He has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember, while photography is something he has been obsessed with lately.

As a visual artist, he started in the mid-80s with cartoons and caricatures commissioned by various magazines. But by the mid-90s, he had almost entirely switched to animal and nature painting, which is still his great passion.

His interest in animals and nature eventually led him into the world of photography. Through the camera he could see the world from another perspective.

In the painting, he uses the artistic freedom to build his own landscapes and his own images and with his photos he directs the spectator's attention to specific moments.


In his youth, Anders studied letter writing via Famous Artist.

In the mid-90s, he worked mainly with cartoons and caricatures. The newspaper Land had a series in the 80's called in the footsteps of EWK. There, Anders was presented and received a letter signed by EWK (who was one of the world's most deserving cartoonists at the time).
His caricatures were published in local newspapers and in the hockey team Leksands IF's member magazine "Leksingen".
After the animal and nature painting took over, the only caricatures he made were for the municipality's staff magazine KommunKanalen's Christmas issue until 2009 when the last issue was published.

When animal and nature painting took over, he studied for the nature painters Lennart Sand and Kjell Strömsmoen . And since he retired, he has studied art full time at Fornby Folk High School outside Borlänge.

Otherwise, Anders is largely self-taught and reads pretty much everything he comes across about art and artist material. He has also studied paintings in detail from the favorite painters Bruno Liljefors, Anders Zorn, Monet, Constable, Corot and others. to improve their technology.
He has participated in various group exhibitions in Dalarna and Värmland since the mid-90s. From 2005 until 2017, he has exhibited in Borlänge annually together with Lennart Sand. Other artists such as Anders' daughter Karin Eklund , Lennart Karlsson from Sunnansjö, Kjell Stömsmoen from Siljansnäs, Anders Ståhl from Leksand and Eva Englund from Dala Järna, have also participated in the exhibitions for some years.

Studerat för naturmålarna Lennart Sand och Kjell Strömsmoen. I övrigt autodidakt.
Ettårig konstkurs på Fornby folkhögskola 2012-2013

Samlingsutställningar årligen i Dalarna och Värmland sedan mitten av 90-talet. Separatutställning i Älvdalens bibliotek våren 2005 och Gagnefs bibliotek julen 2018. Utställt i Rödby Danmark 2010.