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Aino GateAino Gate
Mitt liv har alltid handlat om att få förverkliga mina drömmar i den konstnärliga banan. Först på senare år började jag ta mitt intresse på allvar.

När jag skapar något tar jag inspiration, både av en känsla jag får och ser, t.ex. från naturen.
Man kan säga att jag ser detaljer och mönster i de mest vardagliga ting omkring mig. I slutskedet av skapandeprocessen kommer omarbetningen och finjusteringen av detaljerna i konstverket. Jag ändrar.... tills det känns rätt för mig.

Born in a rural district, with no art schools to die for and no cultural exchange to speak of, Aino has been working and experimenting by herself. Creating and using glass in different ways .

Her trips to different cultures in the past, have made an significant impact on her work.
She explains; When I was a volunteer in USA, I got a rare opportunity to get inside the culture of the Native American's lives. There I saw the real America. Real people….their visions and thoughts. It was an eye-opener.

Although, with that history in mind. Lately, Aino has found something else, more profound, in smaller visions, in herself and those who lives around her, family, nature and meetings.
Creating a small universe within the universe. Fantasy or real….

Aino's creations comes from inspirations, by thoughts, feelings, about something heard or seen. In her process, the sensation, or "the spark", as she puts it, comes and goes. It easily disappears and the moment is lost.
As she says; I get sometimes so much input in my mind, so some of it dies inevitably…before the thought get realized.

It was more or less destiny that got Aino in the line of glass. Participated in an education, at the Folks University in Växjö, 1999, where she could work in different materials. It was through that study course, where Aino got in contact with the material glass and the technique, fusing. Then, the other thing led to another, Aino started later that year in an education "The glass and design line" at the Växjö University.
There she got the opportunity to make her final practice at Urban Glass, New York. Where she worked with master blower Reino Björk for two months.

Through a magazine, Vetro, Aino got in contact with Centro Studio Vetro in Murano, Italy. Was enrolled at their first, workshop in 2001, that was held by them. There Aino got the opportunity to study for Miriam di Fiore.
The summer of 2002, Aino was the assistant, on a workshop, held by Claudio Tiozzo, in fusing, also organized by Centro Studio Vetro, on San Servolo, Italy.

As a student for Claudio Tiozzo, in his studio on Murano, Italy, spring 2002. Aino got the chance to learn a new technique, glass casting. There she took a pattern, derived it from flat glass, and discovered how it would look like as a three dimensional sculpture. With a very exciting result.

2003, Aino began to work with one of our most distinguished glassblowers, Vilke Adolfsson.
He has been teacher to, William Morris, Monica Guggisberg and Phillip Baldwin, just to name a few. At his studio Aino coldworked and designed both Ariel, Graal, over- and under-lay pieces.

Summer 2003, Aino started to work and integrate wood in her creations.
Through Wood, the lines and curves, came to live, when she found the inspiration to make glass sculptures and paintings out of these patterns.

In blown glass, you get a wonderful three dimensional piece. With a depth and also a shallowness in different areas with opaque glass mixed with transparency.
So by building up her first paintings with different layers of plywood, Aino thought that she could hopefully generate an aerial perception. Meantime Aino wanted to create a similar feeling with flat glass, used in fusing. So in 2005 Aino began to use fused glass for the first time, on paintings. In the same layering technique as on the wooden paintings. To widen the prospects of the limit of the glass, Aino wanted to mold and stretch the glass without any boundaries, into a live matter. In doing so, she found a new way to express her inner thoughts of presenting the glass.

Utmärkelse, Award
Juryns pris Växjö Konstrunda

Medlem i Glasakademin
Medlem och ledamot i Växjö Konstrunda

Medlem i BUS
Member of KSV, Konstrundan i Sydvästra Skåne
Member of Svenska Konstnärer och Kultur 1

Lecture held att Inner Wheel, Emmaboda

Article in the React Magazine.

The Unique Fantasia glass jewelry collection, BirgittaSmycken, Växjö

The Unique Fantasia glass jewelry collection, Smålands Glass Museum in Växjö

The Unique Fantasia glass jewelry collection, Hantverket, Växjö
Lecture held att Inner Wheel, Växjö

Gift; glass jewellery set, to HKH Crownprincess Victoria through Johansfors Glassfactory.

Sponsor with glass jewelry to VM- trials, Tingsryds Travet.

The Unique Fantasia glass jewelry collection, Johansfors Glassfactory.

2004 Tiziano Studio, Murano, Italy, Workshop in Lamp-working.

Started the company Aino Gate Art.

Claudio Tiozzo Studio, Murano, Italy, Student.

Centro Studio Vetro Workshop, assistent to Claudio Tiozzo in Fusing.

Claudio Tiozzos studio, Murano, Italy, student.

Centro Studio Vetro Workshop, San Servolo, Italy, Student, Fusing.

Glas Design, Växjö University.

Project in Urban Glass, New York, USA

Photo course, Folk University in Växjö.

Art-Tex Folk University in Växjö.

Silversmith course, Mannfred Chevrell, Medborgar school in Växjö.


Brandts Galleri, Sävsjö
Växjö Konstrunda, Växjö Konsthall 7-9/4, Gallery 4A, Klostergatan 4A, Växjö, 8-9/4
Konstrundan , Markiehage konsthall, Anderslöv
Dagmar Glemme Art Center, Helsingborg, 13/5-18/7

Konstmässa Exercishuset,Göteborg
"Glasklart" Bosjökloster
Växjö Konstrunda
Konstrundan, Markiehage

Växjö Konstrunda, 6-8 November på
Växjö Konsthall och Smålands museum
Newbies Glasakademin, Smålands Museum,Växjö
Hjo Kulturkvarteret Pedagogien, Hjo
Konstrundan, Markiehage, Anderslöv
Orrefors Museum, Orrefors, Tre Gate

MKK Malmö Rådhushall
KSV konstrunda, Markiehage, Anderslöv
Bergdala Studioglas, Designers Passion, Sommarutställning
Suzhou Museum, Light Fire Life, 18/5-24/8, China


Hjo 600 år, Kulturkvarteret Pedagogien, 20-29/9-2013
Orrefors Glasbruk, Klafreström Kristall Bruksbutik och Galleri 29/6-31/8
Mickejohans Konstglas, Sommarutställning, Örsjö
Scandinavian Designers, Restaurang Delta i Växjö
KSV Konstrundan, Stora Markie, Anderslöv


Nässjö Konsthall, Nässjö
Virsbo Konsthall, Virsbo
Klockaregården trädgårdsutställning, Öhr
Mickejohans Konstglas, Sommarutställning, Örsjö

Karlshamns Konsthall, Asarum
Lindesberg Arena, Lindesberg
Galleri Björken, Sunne
Leon. Sandberg Bosättningsaffär, Nora

Galleri New form, Trelleborg

Galleri Glasett, Plaisieren, Hässelby Slott, Stockholm
Selart Gallery, Säby Herrgård
Sala Silvergruva, Sala
Gallery Lahall, Örebro

Unikt Glas, Göteborg

Birgittasmycken, Växjö
Galleri Karibakka, Sölvesborg
Unikt Glas, Göteborg, solo

BirgittaSmycken, Växjö
Art Fair, Sollentuna 

Glaskonst, Johansfors Glasbruk
Galleri Mamaso, Växjö


Glasets Dag, Johansfors Glasbruk
Glaskonst, Johansfors Glasbruk
Örebro Slott, Örebro


Glasets Dag, Johansfors Glasbruk
Läckö Slott, Lidköping
Lilla Nyborg, Borgholm, Öland
Glaskonst, sommarutställning, Johansfors Glasbruk
Inspiration, Nyköping
Bodens Konstgille, Boden
Örebro Slott, Örebro
Art Fair, Stockholm


Lilla nyborg, Borgholm, Öland
Unikt Glas, Göteborg
Johansfors Glasbruk, Glasets Dag

Specialistläkargruppen i Växjö

Art Fair, Stockholm


Galleri Rosenströmska Gården, Skanör
Galleri Nord, Örebro

Sydkraft, Malmö, Solo
Art Fair, Stockholm
Galleria Regina, Murano, Italien

Galleri Rosenströmska Gården, Skanör

Specialistläkargruppen i Växjö

Konst och Antikmässan i Helsingborg

Växjö Universitet, Växjö