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Eva Fidjeland  
2014-02-24 17:22 Eva Fidjeland Art    Kommentera »
Eva Fidjeland´s Innovative Style of Digital Art

Eva Fidjeland’s Innovative Style of Digital Art
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Eva Fidjeland's "Metamorphosis"

A new trend in visual art is emerging due to artist Eva Fidjeland’s implementation of an innovative, creative approach to the process of manufacturing art. The artist is known internationally for creating in a variety of mediums, from the traditional canvas to digital, and is currently presenting her work in a new style of collaborative art. The artist is displaying her creative expertise within the various mediums and is also transforming her physical expression and character for introduction within her creations. Fidjeland is seamlessly incorporating aspects of digital technology with visual and performing art, creating unique works that tell stories through intricate details.

Eva Fidjeland's "Dragon"

Fidjeland’s extensive collection of digital photography captures the aesthetic details of her subjects, including still, animal and plant life. In a digital work entitled “Dragon”, Fidjeland presents a close perspective upon her subject, highlighting multiple intricate aesthetic details. Notice how the detail of the wings is of a different aesthetic quality than the legs and other areas of art. In the midst of these details, emerges the dragon fly’s expression, providing the observer with a neighboring view of its moment in time.

Eva Fidjeland's "The Red Lady II"

Various stages of human expression are now at the center of Fidjeland’s innovative style in art. In a work entitled “The Red Lady II”, the artist takes a snapshot of a human expression, and accentuates specific details through texture, color and shading. The artist’s creative decisions, particularly pertaining the color and shading, establishes a precise expression of emotion and tone. Texture is a key visual factor within the art as the observers learn about Red Lady’s character through her choice of color in lipstick, the smoothness of her skin, and the covering of an eye with her hair.

Eva Fidjeland's "The Birdwoman X"

Each digital photograph establishes a character through expression and visual detail. The character in “Birdwoman X”, for example, possesses a different style and emotional nature than the character Red Lady. Birdwoman’s color and shading, relative to the character’s hair, eyes, skin and lips, establishes character through exquisite shadings of brown, red and green. Performing a comparative facial analysis of the two characters will result in the depiction of two unique forms of expression.

Fidjeland is pioneering a new style in visual art that uses digital technology to place emphasis on the expressions and details within creations. Her work is innovative for seamlessly collaborating visual and performing art with digital techniques. The artist is embodying the concept of collaborative art through her creative process and details present in her creations.

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