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Maud Wirström

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Titel: Shamballah Flower Warrior no 02/2011
Motiv: Abstrakt
Teknik: Blandteknik
Mått: 40x30cm (15,7” x 11,8”)
Upplaga: 1
Övrigt: "Wow. intense downloading of chi, buzzing in my body from top to toes. love it! there is no point of return, keep walking ♥ the name Eomar came up, don´t know the meaning of it." L.Jonsson

"You have captured their Beauty, Gentleness and Strength - wow Maud, thank you so much for your Art - it is such a service to Humanity (are these available in print too? I can only imagind how amazing the original is with it's texture)" H. Drousias

"I am ready to recieve warrior of light.....beautiful art I feel the power of this piece of inspiration from spirit thank you so much for sharing your work with me Maud. ♥" Suzie N

Mixed Media on canvas.

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