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Manuela Vintilescu
Kawaii World Yokohama 2017
Over the past fifteen years the Swedish artist Manuela Vintilescu has had more than fifty exhibitions, both solo shows and group exhibitions in Europe and Asia with her Pop Art Manga style.

Her work is recognised for the graphic world, represented with simplification and streamlining in an original way, the bright flat colours, balanced composition in harmony with the image space, those personal traits that also characterise her imagination and expresses the female myths behind the typical stereotypes of Japanese art.

Various elements from Japanese styles and eras such as floral and artistic patterns, combined with elements from contemporary fashion magazines, makes her work colourful, imaginative and with clear expression.

Also inspired by Japanese woodblock prints and Japanese culture by her Great Aunt Sigrid - who spent the first half of the 20th century in Japan - and the haiku poems that her father, Jan Vintilescu, for the first time ever, interpreted into Swedish in the late 1950's. This "Japanese heritage" inspired her later to the creation of the "Bijingas" which she calls "Pop Icons”.

Utställning Alive Illums Bolighus Copenhagen
Manuelas målningar och plexiglas grafik i Köpenhamn.
Illums Bolighus Copenhagen »
Utställning hos Konst Och Folk
Välkomna att se utställningen av målningar och grafik t.o.m 10 okt. 2012, hos Konst och Folk på Hornsgatan 34 i Stockholm.l »