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Eva Fidjeland  
2014-01-24 21:46:01 Allmänt
Swedish Artist Eva Fidjeland Featured by Resident Curator Kristen T Woodward
Presumably a group of self-portraits, this series of Dancer portraits is equivocally voyeuristic in the soft keyhole shadowing of the pictures edges along with the penchant for embellishing costume.

I like the tempered restraint of Dancer II, which presents a darker contrast to the overall blue pattern, and a haloed richness in the saturation of the figure´s hair and sienna background. While there´s a decisiveness in the sideways profile of the head, the delicate curl of golden hair points towards her mouth as if to await declaration.

The Red Lady IV had a decidedly different mood despite small actual changes in the model lightning and attire. Being that the subject isn´t fully transformed, I don´t feel that different characters are being created, but that the viewer is invited into the psychological exploration of facets of an archetype. The direct stare of The Red Lady and elevated position of her face above the viewer´s natural eye-line creates an aura of superiority or rebellious dissent, while the conflicting orange and blue hues aid the instinct of competition. In a more graphic way, the figure is also presented as a Pop diva, haughtily looking down on the viewer in her feathered boa. Provocative in stature, the light source seems to glow from within rather than from an external bright light, and therefore she holds our interest and curiousity.

Kristen T Woodward
Professor of Art, Albright College
Reading PA
(Januari 21, 2014)


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