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Bolina Bolin

A short introduction to the works and personality of the Swedish artist

“BOLINA" - i.e. Ulla-Britt Bolin of the southemmost County of Scania. "Bolina" comments, “I was already encouraged at school to engage in art­-classes as I always was dealing with figures and forms, images and metaphors. My personal teachers of art, Ortenholm and Sekunde, ‘pushed’ my phantasy moving my ego thru the Liberal arts. Destiny though led me into a career within Law enforcement, ending up as a chief within the ranks. I was though

‘converted’ and found my way back to my call in life, artistry, expressing anew views and convictions in life.”

Bolina's works usually use a manifold selection of algebraic topological forms within which one can see and/or experience her objects - be they persons, buil­dings, animals, flowers, fishes, wine-glasses or the never-ceasing Jacob's ladder, her most personal logogriph.

Her women in particular are ‘female’ in their colorful blouses and never-ending attributes. A woman may be seen with her own colorific image in her mirror - as in “mirrorreflection”, or be in a female community as in her ''Pick - nick in the park" or "Brass - brides". In "Tiger - rag" or "Cabaret - wid' a little bid' o' luck" the women are hilarious! Her recent series of ten biblical female persona­lities show the breadth of her artistic capacity . Reflect on "Miriam - tambou-rine-playing big sister to Moses", "Ruth - the ideal daughter-in-Iaw", 'Delilah­beautiful seducing terrorist", "Mary, guaranteed virgin as well as mother of eight, wife of a carpenter", "Mary Magdalene - sinful repentant woman of doubtful character. Beloved theme of all priests, preachers and evangelists".

The two pieces of art most commented on are undoubtful "9.11" and "Best view of the world", both with in-depth symbolism into which you have to dive deep into an analysis of what's going on on this planet.

Bolina states, "I do not depict things in my surrounding, I paint out of the depth of my soul and heart". She works by deforming objects and odds and ends in the environment, whereby she uses various possibilities of expression, creating a de­corative impression in describing her reality. She makes her contemplators con­sider the conditions of creativity, cosmos as well as chaos.

Bolina is represented eg. at "Swedish Artists", "The Saatchi Gallery", "Art of Sweden", "Lexikonett", "BUS", "State Gallery of Damaskus", churches and institutions. Led Art Workshop in Damaskus, Syria, invited by the Government 2008. Exhibition Dresden/Hoyerswerda, Germany, 2008. Separate exhibitions Stockholm, Malmo, Island of Hven, etc., etc.

Dr.George Perry, Jr.


Using fluorescent paint and form to explore color, luminosity, movement, and personal relationships, Swedish artist Ulla-Britt Bolin captures the energy of the life—with raw energy and provocation Bolin’s work explores painting’s potential. Her installations, paintings, and interactive works occupy a domain between a romantic and a conceptual art form in which a deep, psychological experience is formed. In her works broad-brush strokes and graffiti-esque lines, in acidic and delicate colors, dash across an epic surface inviting the viewer inside. Bolin has developed a reputation for epic poetic works that display both delicacy and fragility, revealing a deep respect for something fundamental, primal, and indigenous.
Demanding that viewers leave at the door notions of what painting should be, Bolin allows them the freedom to let feelings be their guide. Her paintings and sketches straddle the line between representation and abstraction. The artist’s strength lies within this fluid movement between genres and categories. Caught between description and dreamlike states, the observed and the imagined, Bolin’s work transforms the natural world into poetic visions and fantasy, while still utilizing symbolic elements to convey psychological ideas and emphasize the “freedom” of art from traditional culture. While preserving both Expressionist influences, Bolin’s paintings offer a new and unique contribution to the art and culture of her times. Her method is contemplative, meditative, and indulgent. The paradoxes in Bolin’s work lie in the blurring of boundaries between interior and exterior, self and others, the physical and spiritual. This is a mysterious form of creation, in which art seems to return to its ancestral shamanic role. Reminiscent of a dream voyage to another place, Bolin’s works are deeply personal, evoking her own subconsciousness, while revealing universal truths about the journey and celebration of life.

Samuel Rogers, Nyartsmagazine , USA.