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Kjell RingiKjell Ringi
Avled 24 mars 2010.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
Cooper-Hewitt Museum, National Design Museum, New York.
Brooklyn Museum, New York.
The New York Public Library, Collection of Prints, New York.
Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland.
Kupferstich Kabinett, Berlin, Germany.
Guild Hall, East Hampton, New York.
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.
The Royal Library, Albert I, Brüssels, Belgium.
Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich, Switzerland.
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, USA.
United Nations, New York.
Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City.
San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art, USA.
Laguna Beach Museum of Art, California, USA.
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA.
Grünwald Center for Graphic Arts, University of California,
Los Angeles.
Newport Harbor Art Museum, California, USA.
Pratt Institute, New York.
Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris.

Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany.
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA.
Indiana Museum of Art, Indiana, USA.
The Art Museum Florida, Miami, USA.
Swedish-American Museum, Chicago.
Museum China Art Gallery, Beijing, China.
Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf, Germany.
Museé des Arts Decoratives, Paris.
Albertina Graphiche Sammlung, Vienna, Austria.
Gothenburg Art museum, Sweden.
The Royal Library, Foreign books dep. Stockholm, Sweden.
The Swedish Filminstitute, selected filmposters, Stockholm, Sweden.
Kunstindustrimuseet, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Der Staatliche Museen, Berlin, Germany.
Also a number of privat and public collections, Sweden and abroad.

The Art Film "Parts of Ringi" in collection of:
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
Los Angeles County Museum, USA.
The Art Institute of Chicago, USA.
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. USA.
The Museum of Modern Art, New York..


Genesis Galleries, New York. USA.
Joseph Faulkner, Main Street Galleries, Chicago. USA.
Gallery Allen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Galerie Pierre, Stockholm, Sweden.
Nermans Art hall, Norrköping, Sweden. (Two Exhibitions.)
Gallery Arnesen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Arras Gallery, New York. USA.
West Art, Swedish Exhibition Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Bodley Gallery, New York. USA.
Gallery G.G., (Permanent Exhibition), Gothenburg, Sweden. (Four Years.)
Gallery Löwenadler-Engström, Stockholm, Sweden.
Zenit Gallery, Singapore.
Gallery Galtung, Oslo, Norway.
Gallery AE, Gothenburg, Sweden. (Ten Exhibitions.)
Gallery Prisma, Stockholm, Sweden.
Line of Scandinavia Gallery, London. U.K.
Galerie Linneaus, Stockholm, Sweden.
Wiking Gallery, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. USA.
Rizzoli Gallery, Chicago. USA.
Rizzoli Gallery, Los Angeles. USA.
Rizzoli Gallery, New York. (Two Exhibitions.) USA.
Outdoor Exhibition, handseparated silkscreen-prints, 2,5 meters of hight. Displayed on 100 poster pillars, centres of Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden. The prints awarded Gold Medal at Fespa World Competition Fair, Amsterdam.

Gummesons Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden. (Two Exhibitions.)
Art Now Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Vered International Art Gallery, East Hampton, New York. USA.

One man show during "Style Scandinavia", Official Exhibition, Bloomingdale´s, New York. USA.

Gallery Victoria, Gothenburg, Sweden. (Three Exhibitions.)
-One presenting models for giant official Millenium-constructions and all official posters and graphic editions.

Terra Nova, Gothenburg, Sweden. Official Exhibition, Graphics and posters created for the famous East Indiaman "Götheborg", copy from 1754. (sailing to China 2005).

Van Heusen-Charles Gallery, New York. USA.


Neiman-Marcus, "Scandinavian Month", Dallas, Texas. USA.
Genesis Galleries, New York. USA.
Otto Seligman Gallery, Seattle, USA. (Two Exhibitions).
Gallery K27G, Amsterdam, Holland.
Original Prints Gallery, San Fransico, USA.
Rizzoli Gallery, Chicago, USA.
Rizzoli Gallery, Boston, USA.
Dux Interiors (Ringi-tapestries), New York. USA.
Björn Lindgren Gallery, New York. USA.
"Water is Life", Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden.
Lessem Gallery, Evansville, Indiana, USA.
Upstairs Gallery, Los Angeles. USA.
Kramer Gallery, Los Angeles. USA.
Art-rep. Djakarta, Indonesia.
Gallery AE, Gothenburg, Sweden. (Four Exhibitions).
Europian Gallery, Miami, USA.
Gallery Arnesen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Graphik Berr, Munich, Germany.

The Lessing Gallery, New York. USA.
Landskrona Art hall, Landskrona, Sweden.
Nicoletta Von Buttlar, Art rep. Bonn, Germany.
San Rafael Gallery, California, USA.

Bibliotheque Nationale, "Print masterpieces of the 20th century"
at Galleries Mansart et Mazarine, Paris.

Steward Gallery, Dallas, USA.
Clara Dahl Gallery, Washington D.C. USA.

Earlier represented: with posters (1975-1990) at Poster Place, l´Affiche Galerie, Why not posters LTD, H.W. Reinhart Fine Arts INC. -all in New York, and Edition and Limited Galeries INC, San Francisco, USA.

Earlier represented: John Szoke Graphics inc. New York (USA-distributor of Ringi graphic prints). 1985-90.

Earlier represented: Prints and paintings at Armstrong Gallery, Associated American Artist Gallery, Circle Galleries, Reece Gallery, Liljan Heidenberg Gallery, all in New York. USA. (1975-1985.)


"Parts of Ringi", a film about Kjell Ringi´s art by Krister Nathanielsson, Johnny Schwerin, Sweden, has been broadcasted in Europe, China and at several occasions at channel 13, New York.
The film is also in the collections of Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Art Institute, Chicago and Los Angeles County Museum.

"Kjell Ringi, painter", documentary film about the life and work of the artist. Produced by Filmpoint, Sweden. Broadcasted 1990, Swedish Television and otherwise.

"Circus" animated film produced by Björn Bardel, Sweden, Broadcasted several countries.

Several other animated and documentary films about Kjell Ringi´s world of images and characters have been produced by the stately owned Swedish Television and Swedish TV 4, as well as foreign productions such as "The Stranger", Japan Broadcasting Corp., Tokyo.The animated film "The man who had no dream" by Bosustow Entertainment inc., Santa Monica, California,
- Broadcasted CBS "Coast to Coast", and Worldwide.

During the 5th IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Gothenburg, Television Newsfide about Kjell Ringi and his 3 posters was transmitted to more than 50 countries worldwide, as well as a number of television interviews.

Kjell Ringis images have been used in many TV-productions, and he has appeared in several radioproductions, in Europe and USA until now.

Also new documentary films produced.


Bibliotheque Nationale, "Print masterpieces of the 20th. century"
at Galleries Mansart et Mazarine, Paris.

Cooper-Hewitt Museum, National Design Museum,
"Perspective the illusion of space" New York.

Museum de arte moderno, Triennial 99, Rio de Janeiro.
International Print Triennial 97, Cracow, main exhibition.
Gothenburg International Bookfair, Sweden. (Four Occasions.)
"Shiko Sha Fair", Tokyo, Japan.
International Triennial, Fair Centre, Nürnberg, Germany.
Culture House of Canton, China.
Kastrup Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark.
12th Annual Exhibition, (American Illustrators), New York.
"Art Cologne", Art Fair, with Gallery Löwenadler-Engström, Germany.
"Art 1983 Chicago" Navy Pier, with Zaks Gallery, Chicago.
"Art Multipple 94", Düsseldorf, with Gallery Hanson, Bonn. Germany.
"International Art Fair", one man exhibition, with Gallery AE, London.

"Stockholm International Art Expo" Sweden.
-Four solo exhibitions: With AE Gallery, Kasthall,
Gummeson Gallery, Filmpoint.

-Four group exhibitions: With Art Now Gallery. (3 Exhibitions).
Gallery Viktoria.

"Art Expo, New York".
-Two solo exhibitions: With AE Gallery, Nancy Batsell Gallery.
-Group exhibition: Gallery 69.

"Art Junction Int. Art Fair", one man exhibition, with Gallery Mankowitz, Nice, France.

"Telecom-Palexpo", with Telia - the stately owned telecom operator, solo show, also signing 2000 special posters worldwide, Geneva, Switzerland.

Röhsska Museum, one man exhibition, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Vänersborgs Museum, one man exhibition, Sweden.
Trollhättans Museum, one man exhibition, Sweden.
Heimtex Fair, (Tapestries), Frankfurt, Germany.

Awarded the title "Ambassador for Gothenburg" for his effort to make the city known globally.

Gold Medal, "Fespa World Competition Fair", Amsterdam, Holland.

5th IAAF World Championships in athletics, design of the three official posters for the games. also an official outdoor one man exhibition, Giant paintings, up to 15 metres of heights,
centre of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Art Hall, Gothenburg Art Museum, Sweden.
Kunstindustrimuseum, group show, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Gothenburg Art Museum "Selected Filmposters" Sweden.
Nationalmuseum "Selected Filmposters", Stockholm, Sweden.

The Swedish Exhibition, one man show, WCA, Congress Centre,
Telia, Gothenburg, Sweden.

19th Annual Exhibition, "American Illustrators", New York.

"Bologna Book Fair", Italy, and "Frankfurt Book Fair", Germany, with Random House and Harper & Row, book-publishers, New York.

Silver Medal, "Spai World Competition Fair", Los Angeles.

"Style Scandinavia", official one man exhibition, Bloomingdale,
New York.
Design of the six different official posters, for the "11th World Gymnaestrada", at the "Swedish Exhibition Centre", - interial designed by Ringi with 1000 posters etc. Gothenburg, Sweden.

"New Sweden", New York Committee Auction, Christies, New York.
"Swedish Art Calendar", solo Ringi paintings.

Design official outdoor one man millenium-laser Show, 12 beams, each 6000 watts, 5 kilometers radius, covering the sky high above Gothenburg, Sweden.

Official outdoor solo exhibition, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Solo official exhibition during the Sea Launch of the famous East Indiaman, "Götheborg", copy from 1745 (Sailing to China 2005.)
-Also signing his "Götheborg"-poster and graphic edition during the Queens babtism of the ship, 2004, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Selected for auction "Water is Life", City Hall, Stockholm, Sweden.
International Triennial Cracow 2000, Main Exhibition.
"100 Cities", Triennial, Europe.
"Bridge to the Future", Triennial, Nürnberg, Germany.
"Kontynents 2001", Triennial. Ksiak Castle, Walbrych, Poland.
Kanagawa International Triennial, Japan, (Awarded).

Further activities planned.


A number of Kjell Ringi´s many posters have been selected by the leading "Graphis posters", Zurich, Switzerland, (also "One Man Article", "Graphis") and "American Illustrators", New York.

These posters (and grapich editions) have been ordered by
wellknown official institutions and world revenued companies.
Also several large events, and film, opera, Broadway Theaterplay, etc.

As example:
Kjell Ringi designed the three official posters for the 5th IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Gothenburg, the largest event in the world 1995. The posters were spread worldwide. These images also used for giant (up to 15 meters of height) outdoor paintings in the city of Gothenburg, and for the official internet result lists. Television and other publicity about Kjell Ringi and his posters was transmitted to more than 50 countries worldwide.
Antonio Samaranch purchased sportpainting during the games,
now in the Olympic Museum Collection.

Kjell Ringi designed the 6 offical posters for the 11th World Gymnaestrada, Gothenburg 1999. 25 000 participants from 40 countries - The worlds largest sport event -99.

Ringi produced posters, graphic edition etc., with his official symbol image for the "Gothenburg Year", ending June 2001 when the "EU-topmeeting" took place in the city.

Design official posters & graphic edition for famous East Indiaman "Götheborg", exact copy from 1743, sailing to China 2005.